Sky Magic

 Mt Fuji Drone show

Back in 2016 the guys over at Skymagic made a Beautiful show of music put together with Drones and lights.

With Mt Fuji ( Japan ) in the background and the sounds of the Local traditional guitars it made for a great show.


  • Swarming LED drones lights up the pitch black skies to deliver a new generation of LIVE entertainment. Synced with LED and music, these countless drones fly in formation to produce an astounding display.
  • With GPS controlled positioning accuracy, they are able to form messages such as logos and original letters and shapes in the night sky to entertain the audience. This is Sky Magic’s fireworks of the 21st century.


With Shamisens, the Japanese traditional guitars. It made for an amazing moment for the senses.



Watch the full video below



This was done so by using more than 20 units of these flying machines, flight swarming formations, music, and 16,500 LED lights to combine into a single audio visual extravaganza.


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