The 10 most expensive drones that a civilian can buy

As drones explode (not literally) in popularity, it’s not surprising that the high end of the market is seeing a ton of activity. We have ridable drones for billionaires, spy drones for the military, extra-fancy drones for film-makers and other models that push traditional prices sky high. If you’ve been taken aback at how much consumer drones cost online, these examples of the most expensive drones should definitely make you feel better.


1 – Freefly Systems ALTA 8
Cost : £13,000


The minimalistic design of the Alta 8 belies its focus on stability. This is a drone designed for photographers and filmographers alike who want only the best drone performance for their high-demand shots. It includes swan-neck carbon booms, plus both a top and bottom tray for securing all types of cameras. Expect to see more of these around Hollywood in the coming years.

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