Footage of devastation left by California wildfires taken by drone

Drone footage captured devastation left by the third-deadliest fire in California state history this week.

Video of Santa Rosa shows entire neighbourhoods decimated to rubble. In one shot, a handful of black, barren tree trunks stand tall in a community of ashes. Melted cars appear in what might have been a driveway next to mangled metal that once was a community. Homes have been reduced to mangled metal.

Nearly a week after the fires began, the zone containing scattered blazes had swollen to an area as wide as 100 miles. The flames have left at least 40 people dead and destroyed at least 5,700 properties — marking the deadliest and most destructive group of wildfires California has ever seen.

Drone footage shows the widespread damage done by the fires:
Source : Associated Press

Entire hillsides appear charred and barren after wildfires swept through this part of California wine country north of San Francisco. What used to be grape vineyards appear now as thin, lifeless rows.

In Santa Rosa, thousands of homes were nothing but burnt out shells after fires wiped out entire neighbourhoods in this city of Sonoma County. Commercial buildings look like post-apocalyptic wastelands. In some spots, intact homes stand next to the ashes of a neighbouring structure, marking a clear line where the fire stopped its crawl.

In another look of Santa Rosa, an entire neighbourhood appears decimated as far as the eyes can see. The trees possess no canopy, most are only roasted trunks. Cars appear melted and twisted, sitting outside a flat lot where a home used to rest.

Source : Guardian Wires

Source : USA Today


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