Teacake into space

Scotland sends a teacake into space


The guys at Glasgow Science Centre   went to find out if it can be done.

All the jokes have come and gone, why not a mars bar or Galaxy.But you can’t say these guys are far from brilliant.

Here is a screenshot of that amazing moment.


The Scottish confectionery went 21 miles up before descending. It landed in a tree in Galloway Forest Park.

The balloon with the Tunnock’s Teacake – which has been named Terry – was launched at midday on Friday in Houston, Renfrewshire.

It took one hour 29 minutes to hit a peak altitude of 37,007 metres. It then took 40 minutes to come back to Earth.

Dr Stephen Breslin is chief executive of Glasgow Science Centre.

He said: “We engage people with space science every day, and we thought what better way to spark people’s imaginations and interest in STEM than for us to launch something into space ourselves.


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